"The nature of writing is to write."

Josephine Smith, my first mentor

This photo was snapped on a private island where I stayed for next to nothing.


That one time I lived in a lighthouse for a week.


Total number of cruises I’ve ever been on: one.


I wrote about pot brownies for the New York Times. Fun fact: This chef also made my wedding cake. (The wedding cake was not a pot wedding cake.)


Most rewarding assignment: exploring Dominica, a beautiful country home to many of the world’s oldest living people.


Most fascinating profile: an artist who has no short-term memory.

For awhile, I wrote features about identifying thriving arts scenes in new-to-me neighborhoods. This was the sketchiest — and the most prolific.

I drove around Baja and hired my (very pregnant, with twins) sister to take photos.

I wrote an essay for the local alt-weekly about why Chicago cocktail bars should stop being so Midwestern. In return, I got a sh*tload of hate mail and a mention on our local NPR affiliate.

If you ever want to know where to drink in Chicago, just ask. No, really.