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Holiday 2020

This gift invites you to cleanse your space from the weight of this heavy year.

You'll find a bundle of white sage, known for its power to dispel negative energy; matches to light your sage bundle; and a vessel for safely extinguishing it.

A note on burning white sage (from Asrai Garden):

Although white sage has been burned in First Nations religious ceremonies for thousands of years, the US government restricted Indigenous peoples’ rights to practice their religion freely until 1978. As “smudging” is a specifically religious ceremony, we encourage you to steer clear of this language unless it is part of your heritage. 

Should you choose to burn white sage, please do so respectfully and with knowledge of its history as a spiritual cleansing agent and religious tool. To that end, we encourage you:

  • Don’t burn white sage while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Light sage bundles using an open flame (like a match) rather than an artificial source like a lighter.

  • Fan the smoke from the sage bundle with your hand or wave in the air. Please do not blow on the sage bundle.

We have worked hard to ensure that the white sage bundles we carry are sustainably, ethically, and respectfully sourced. All white sage at Asrai Garden has been harvested by multigenerational indigenous families on private lands with permission. 10% of all proceeds from white sage sales will be donated to Indigenous organizations locally and nationally.


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