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Marketing & Communications Capabilities

•  Corporate ghostwriting — speeches, LinkedIn articles, etc.

•  Presentation deck production — writing, revising, fine-tuning, proofreading, etc.

•  Content management across multiple platforms (digital, print, presentation decks, etc.)

•  Blog production — research, interviews, writing, editing

•  Social media production — research, writing, emoji-ing💡

•  Digital newsletter production — research, lineups, editorial calendars, contributor management, editing, etc.

•  Print newsletter & magazine production — similar to above, but make it way more expensive

•  Email marketing campaigns — framework & flow mapping, writing for A/B testing, subject line testing, etc.

•  One-sheets, sell-sheets, white papers

** Due to the sheer volume of this type of work, until I have a rainy day to organize it, samples are available by request **

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